Nobsound MS-10D tube amp power audio hifi ste…

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Nobsound MS-10D tube amp power audio hifi ste…

Product Description


Product Description

Nobsound MS-10D tube amp power audio hifi stereo Most Cost-effective amplifier excellent sound with Headphone support 220V

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RCA input audio line X1
special offer nobsound MS-10D 50W Stereo audio headphones signal multichannel tube power amplifier excellent sound free shipping

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Nobsound MS – 10 d high quality sound very connect fully, the bass is very powerful, crisp, high and low voltage distinct. Is a good family desk speaker amplifiers

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Product key specification

  • Power Supply: 220v 50/60Hz
  • Output power:30W+30W
  • Input power:100W
  • Input impedance: 47kohm
  • Input sensitivity: 300mV
  • SNR: >80DB
  • Frequency response:28Hz~20KHz
  • Output impedance:4~16ohm
  • Tube:6N1*two 6J15*two

The goods list:


RCA input audio line X1
Power amplifier input audio line 3.5 mm plug to double lotus rca plugs audio line 1.5m

Product quality guarantee and sales

  • Design by customer requirement
  • 10 years gold supplier on Alibaba
  • Top power amplifier manufacuturers in China
  • 25 Years professional experience of power amplifier manufacturing
  • Good quality assured by advanced manufactruing technology and quality management system
  • Low price benifit from economies of scale and industial engineering optimization

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